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Better Leaders.  Better Teams.

Our training starts with a simple definition:  Leadership is the skillful use of influence to create an environment where people can do their best work.  We work with a deeply researched and thought provoking curriculum to improve executive team leadership, communications, change management, and conflict resolution skills. Our clients often comment that our training sessions are among the most effective training programs they have ever participated in.

“Everything in the program was valuable and useful for me as a leader.”

Executive Coaching

Awareness. Influence. Impact.

Transformative, life changing, invaluable.  This is the kind of feedback we regularly get on our executive coaching.  We focus on experienced leaders and high potential developing leaders looking to accelerate their growth.  We also work with clients as they transition to new roles with increased responsibility.  Our clients understand that leaders leave a legacy and are committed to meeting the challenges of leadership.

“Over the last four years, Rosemarie’s coaching has had an enormous impact on me, both professionally and personally. If you are serious about making positive change in your organization or your team, talk to Rosemarie about how she and Beth Schermer can help you turbocharge your efforts.”

Strategic and Business Planning

Guerilla Planning.

We believe in a practical and brisk planning process.  Business leaders are understandably reluctant to devote time and resources to planning unless it will lead to results in relatively short order.  Our planning model provides clear direction to set realistic and meaningful goals and create a roadmap to pursue those goals with a sense of urgency.

“I have used this consistently in all aspects of my professional life”