“Rosemarie’s ability to inspire, motivate, and focus has helped me grow as an individual and as a leader. Her depth in organizational effectiveness and strategic planning has saved me and our organization countless hours.”


“I need and value this outlet for my professional (and personal) sanity. Executive leaders should have a retainer with executive coaches – we are a high-risk group for burnout and organizational damage (in terms of leading units ineffectively).”

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“It is a rare and valuable coach who recognizes that achieving peak performance in the given subject requires reaching into your deepest self, to motivate the unique human being inside who wants to excel for reasons beyond the surface issue with respect to which they have sought coaching. It is a rarer coach still who has the ability to do this effectively. I believe that this skill – to discern what truly motivates you – to help you understand your motivations – and to continuously challenge you in positive ways to align your thoughts and your actions with your deepest desires, is in fact the true test of an effective coach. Rosemarie has this in spades. If you have experienced a powerful coaching relationship in your life, you know that your coach had it. If you have not experienced it, you are in for a treat because Rosemarie has it. I recommend Rosemarie as a coach and as a change agent without reservation. Do it.”


“Rosemarie’s “experience of leadership advising and vast knowledge of acquiring the tools to get you to the next level is second to none. If you are a business owner, CEO, or a team leader that wants to turn your team into a highly effective unit by stimulating intrinsic motivators so everyone on the team is working toward the vision of the business, Rosemarie is an expert.” -Dr. Cameron Khavari

“My executive coaching with Rosemarie was one of the most valuable professional resources I have received in the course of my career. Rosemarie used her business experience, broad subject matter expertise, good judgment, common sense and exceptional insight to push me to sharpen my skills and to be more purposeful and effective. Our work together had a significant positive impact on me, my work and my contribution to my colleagues and my firm. If you are looking for an executive coach, call Rosemarie. I am confident she will be an invaluable asset to you.”

“I found that the coaching was more informed and personalized with the tests and inventories that we had completed about ourselves. Rosemarie could really speak to my needs and in a way that was very helpful.”


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